Singlemizer Support

Why Singlemizer requires the latest OS X version?

Within every operation system release a new APIs are introduced and they quickly become adopted by the app. This makes it incompatible with previous OS X versions. Singlemizer is designed by the sole independent developer, which has limited resources. Instead of making app backwards-compatible, the forces and time are invested in further development of the app.

If for some reason you are unable to update OS X on your Mac, please use the following Singlemizer versions:

* These older versions may not include some of the features and fixes.
Trial limitations — what are they?
When in trial mode Singlemizer lists duplicate files, but there is no way to remove them.
Mac App Store vs. On-site store: where to purchase an app?

Regardless of purchase place your application will have the same features & quality. The only differences in binary is in autoupdate framework and license managing module: they are slightly different and it don’t have to bother you.

In case of traditional app distribution through our site Singlemizer will keep updating to the latest version via the good old Sparkle and the full functionality can be unlocked by entering license key.

In case of distribution through the Mac App Store the last one will be in job keeping application up-to-date and the full functionality will be available just after the purchase is made. But remember — there are no trial-ware on the Mac App Store at all! All applications offered there are full-featured and unrestricted.

If you want to try-out an application (and you definitely must!) before the purchase the only way is to download the app from our site.

We will always keep the cost of applications on the same value. If there will be any discounts — we will adjust both prices simultaneously.

New applications builds distributed from our site can outrun new versions in app store a little. It depends on unpredictable review process on the Mac App Store that can be rapid or long.

Regardless of an application purchase place you will get the same support and goodness.

Proceed to the Singlemizer page on the Mac App Store →

Proceed to the Singlemizer direct order page →

I've lost my license key.
Please enter your email that you used during the purchase. Serial key will be sent you back.
When will I receive the license key?
Our application store is fully automated, and the license key is emailed to you shortly after the purchase is completed. If you don’t receive your key within a few hours or so, check your spam/junk folder. Sometimes emails are incorrectly dumped there. If you still cannot locate the key, send us a request and we investigate at our end.
How many Macs can I use your application on if I buy a license?
A license is tied to an individual user, not to an individual machine. You may use your license on any one computer at a time. If you need to run an application with multiple users and/or on multiple machines, please purchase additional licenses.
I have another question that isn't covered here…
Drop a line at and we will do the best we can.