Introducing the new Singlemizer

Minimalist Duplicate Files Finder. Yet With Features.

The idea to organize data as files appeared simultaneously with the first computers. Those “monsters” were so big, they required dedicated rooms. During the decades of evolution computers went through the stages of primitivity and unmanageable complexity, until we've got today's Macs. One thing, nevertheless, remains the same — files. Truth be told, few people succeed in their management. Bring order to file chaos on your Mac today, use Singlemizer to remove unnecessary file duplicates.

Runs on OS X Mavericks 10.9
On the Mac App Store

Step 1: Choose Some Folders

Files and folders, available for scan can be located on any mountable drives: internal and external hard disks, USB flash drives or network shares. Put a well-organized folders at top of the list and leave undesired ones at the bottom. The order of folders hints Singlemizer how to choose original files among numerous copies.

Step 2: Check Unnecessary Duplicates

Singlemizer forms duplicates' list as files are identified. Feel free to work with the results while more files are being processed in background. Do you want to see only duplicates of a particular type, for example, only folders or images? Use metagroups to filter out files of no interest. Sorting by numerous criterias, such as wasted space and duplicates' count allows to show the most interesting files high on the list. “One look is worth a thousand words…”? Any found files could be previewed right in the app using standard Quick Look panel.

Last Step: Remove Files

All files marked for removal are listed in a single list for your convenience, so you can make sure you remove only unnecessary files. Besides moving files to trash, Singlemizer can also free disk space by replacing duplicate files with links to the corresponding originals. Aliases, symbolic links and even geeky hardlinks at your service.

Singlemizer in Detail

Minimalist UI

Simple and lightweight UI doesn't distract with inappropriate animations and visual noise.

External Drives Support

Scan internal and external HDDs, removable USB drives and even network directories on a remote Macs.

Folders Priorities

Priorities help to determine which file from the group of found duplicates should be considered original.

Efficient Scan Algorithm

Fast and precise detection of duplicates utilizing file's contents via cryptographic digest function.

Progressive Results

Duplicates are listed as soon as they are identified. All copies of a particular file arrive simultaneously.

Duplicate Folders Detection

Detecting duplicate folders makes a list of scan results much more compact.

Duplicates' Filtering

Filter duplicates' list by filename and switch file type metagroups.

Duplicates' Sorting

Sort duplicates' list by numerous criterias, such as wasted space or redundant copies count.

Instant Quick Look Preview

Files from the results' list can be instantly previewed via Finder-like Quick Look function.

One Click Duplicates' Selection

Select a couple of duplicates and click on the checkbox in front of any file to check all entries in the selection.

Safe Duplicates' Removal

Original files are always left untouched. You can't remove the most important, last copies of data.

Linking Duplicates to the Original Item

Power user?! Replace duplicates with aliases, symbolic links or hardlinks. All kinds at your service.

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Interested? Give Singlemizer a Try

Trial version has no limitations and provides all features, except the ability to remove files from the application.

After test-drive you can purchase Singlemizer and unlock it with a supplied serial key.

Runs on OS X Mavericks 10.9